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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Soldier Fritz and The Enemies He Fought

by Emma Leslie
illustrated by C.A. Ferrier

Religious/Secular Content : - Christian
Adult Content : - No
Mature Topics : - No
Strong/Inappropriate Language : - No
Magic/Witchcraft : - No
Disrespect/Rebellion : - Fritz struggles with obedience, but after he learns of the bible, he starts learning to control his temper.
Drug/Alcohol Use : - No, but beer was mentioned once, but not as in anyone actually drinking it.
Violence/Abuse : - Yes, Fritz hit his sister, and she fell down the stairs, and was really injured. This really turned hi life around however, and he never mistreated his sister again.
Educational Value : - Yes
Positive/Negative Message : - Yes, really builds your faith, and teaches your children how to learn self- control

The reformation is my favorite time period in history, and this book was a very exciting to read.  
This book is about a family that all they have ever known is what the preists have taught them. 
One day a peddler comes to visit, and he has a bag of gifts, and Fritz chooses the Bible. 
He starts to read the Bible, and he hears of Luther and all that he is doing, and he want to be a good soldier like Luther. 
He learns from the scriptures, and what it takes to be a soldier of God. 
His mother notices a difference in Fritz's behavior, and she starts to read the Bible herself. She realizes that what the priests are teaching does not line up with Scripture, and vows, never to pray to anyone but the Lord himself again, and to put her faith in Christ only, and not a man.
As they learn more about Jesus, and how He died for them, they begin to separate themselves from the church. 
The priest is very upset about this, and actually tries to take them prisoner for their beliefs, so they have to flee to the forest to live. 
While there, they are able to teach the "Charcoal Burners" all about Jesus, and how He died for their sins too. 
This book is so amazing in the fact that it teaches the Gospel, and is not afraid to teach against the Roman Church. 
It is an inspiring book, that builds your faith and gives you an understanding of what others had to go through for their faith. 
This is now a household favorite in our home.

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