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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The ABC Bunny

by Wanda Ga'g
hand lettered by Howard Ga'g

Religious/Secular Content:- Secular
Adult Content:- None
Mature Topics:- None
Strong/Inappropriate Language:- None
Magic/Witchcraft:- None
Disrespect/Rebellion:- None
Drug/Alcohol Use:- None
Violence/Abuse:- None
Educational Value:- A lot!  ABC, Rhyming
Positive/Negative Message:- Positive

DS2 and I read this book today and thought is was absolutely wonderful!  It is a very quick read (GREAT for his short attention span) and actually...the words are a song...the song (with notes) are in the very beginning and the very end of the book.  After the song in the beginning of the book, each page takes you thru the song (and the alphabet).  The letters are large and red while the pictures and words are black - so it is very eye catching.  Many of the words rhyme so again, this just adds to the quick, fun of this book.

Each letter and page introduces you to a different animal in the woods so this book offers many items for learning for little ones.  Although ds2 and I were reading this in prep for ds2 starting Before Five in a Row (which we'll start as soon as our new book arrives from Rainbow Resources) this book is recommended for ages 4 - 7.

As a side note: we checked this book out from the library and the copy we received was hardback.

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