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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mere Christianity

by C. S. Lewis
illustrated by NA

Religious/Secular Content: Christian-
Adult Content: Yes- the younger ones will not understand the ideals and concepts in this book, as well as the wording; and there are mature topics- see below-
Mature Topics: Yes, this is pertaining to some topics that are inappropriate for younger ages (there is mention more than once of infidelity); in the beginning chapters he states that "All we mean is that the occasions on which the fighting instinct or sexual desire need to be restrained..."; at least one chapter is on Sexual Morality and another on Christian Marriage-
Strong/Inappropriate Language: No, although the word 'hell' is used more than once in a slang way (in reference to what someone else might say)-
Magic/Witchcraft: No-
Disrespect/Rebellion: Yes, but it is respect to what not to do and it isn't strongly talked about in a way to be promoted; example- Lewis talks about men living only for themselves and not caring for the rules or lives of others and the havoc it can cause-
Drug/Alcohol Use: Vaguely mentioned- Temperance is discussed and therefore the mention of alcohol is also but not in depth (words used are 'drinking', 'drink', 'drunkenness', 'drunk', 'beer'), rather the idea of temperance. -
Violence/Abuse: Vaguely-
Educational Value: Yes, morals and values as a Christian-
Positive/Negative Message: Positive-

We love this book in our house. It really makes you think. My dd is 14 and we are using this as a devotional this year (and will with my ds when he is older). There are a few spots that I feel I must censor while reading (it is a read-aloud).

The style is not vulgar at all and it would be easy to be so when dealing with morals and values, in my opinion. Very much a Christian perspective yet it does not attack other views in a way that one feels defensive.

Would recommend for mature individuals ages 13+ up, but possibly even upwards of 15+.


  1. I am with you. i know for my daughter who is 13, I would probably go for the 15 and up as well.
    Thanks for the info on this book. It does sound like a good study for high school.

  2. We are skipping the Sexual Morality and Christian Marriage part for now... and a few other parts of the book that will be of more use when she is older (a lot older I hope!) And like I said, this is a read aloud and I can easily exclude the references that I feel are not applicable or appropriate for her at this time.


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