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Friday, August 20, 2010

Prairie Brides

1. Religious/ Secular Content: Christian
 2. Adult Content: YES
 3. Mature Topics: YES
 4. Strong/ Inappropriate Language: NO
 5. Magic/ Witchcraft/ Fictional Characters: NO
 6. Disrespect/ Rebellion: NO                                                    
 7. Drug/ Alcohol Use: NO
 8. Violence/ Abuse: NO
 9. Educational Value: NO
 10. Positive/ Negative Messages: Positive

Prairie Brides is four novellas in one book. 
They all have a similar feel. 
They are all basically love stories that are set in a farm/ country setting. 
I really enjoyed these stories. They were uplifting and encouraged me to be a better wife!
There is a little adult content, but it is very tasteful, and definitely set in a Christian manner.
No kissing or anything before marriage. 
These books are definitely for adults however, just because the main point of them is finding a spouse, and getting married. 
If you love the old fashioned country lifestyle, you will love these books.

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