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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Katie Meier: a Girl's Guide to Life

1. Religious/ Secular Content: CHRISTIAN
2. Adult Content: !YES!
3. Mature Topics: !YES!
4. Strong/ Inappropriate Language: YES
5. Magic/ Witchcraft/ Fictional Characters: NO
6. Disrespect/ Rebellion: YES
7. Drug/ Alcohol Use: YES
8. Violence/ Abuse: YES
9. Educational Value: ?
10. Positive/ Negative Messages: POSITIVE

When you look at that list and all the YES's marked, it looks like this is not a good book. But the book's goal is to address issues that teenage girls will face and like it or not, at some point in their lives, they will face all of these things. It also has the goal of trying to show girls how it is important to stay true to themselves: body, mind, and soul. As far as Educational Value, I wasn't sure what to mark.

The adult & mature content is present pretty much THROUGHOUT the book and although Meier presents it for the most part as un-harsh a way as possible, it is there undeniably. For Strong/Inappropriate Language I marked yes simply because of what some of the topics are dealing with and she doesn't pull any punches- she lays it out like it is. However, the theme throughout is based on Christian principles: in the chapter on Beauty we are directed to Proverbs 31; in the chapter on Romance we are directed to Psalms (there are others throughout).

There are a lot of sexual references in this book. This book would be best, in my humble opinion, for a girl that is at least 15, possibly even older.

You can read a review I did for this book if you would like here.

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