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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Max Lucado: The Gift for all People: Thoughts on God's Great Grace

1. Religious/ Secular Content: CHRISTIAN
2. Adult Content: NO
3. Mature Topics: YES
4. Strong/ Inappropriate Language: NO
5. Magic/ Witchcraft/ Fictional Characters: NO
6. Disrespect/ Rebellion: YES
7. Drug/ Alcohol Use: YES
8. Violence/ Abuse: YES
9. Educational Value:
10. Positive/ Negative Messages: POSITIVE

Many books by Max Lucado are well known. They are Christian in content. This book is along the same vein as his others.
I believe this book does have Mature Content right from the start. We learn about Eric in the Prologue who suffers from mental illness and eventually cancer.
Alcohol Use is mentioned on page 39: "The same face that beamed at the paralytic beams at the alcoholic refusing the bottle."
Page 95 tells us of the story of a man that set out to adopt a troubled teenage girl. Disrespect/Rebellion are presented here: "She was destructive, disobedient and dishonest. One day she came home and ransacked the house looking for money. By the time he arrived, she was gone and the house was in shambles."
The inclusion of Violence/Abuse comes from Lucado's brief, yet descriptive story of Christ on the cross- before and after. Page 73 tells us "...people spit into the eyes that had wept for them...soldiers ripped chunks of flesh out of the back of their God...spikes pierced the hands that formed the earth."
This book gives a positive message of hope in God's Grace.

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