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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Secret Hide-Out

by Virginia Randall

Religious/Secular Content:-  Religious
Adult Content:-  None
Mature Topics:-  None
Strong/Inappropriate Language:-  None
Magic/Witchcraft:-  None
Disrespect/Rebellion:-  Minimal; only that which is within the story line on the way to a biblical perspective
Drug/Alcohol Use:-  None
Violence/Abuse:-  None
Educational Value:-  A little; this would be of biblical educational value on witnessing and possibly used to teach of the lives of those less fortunate than others
Positive/Negative Message:-  Positive Message; this book was written as a fiction book but was written with the purpose of helping the reader with effective witness

This is an oldie but a goodie!  It was published in 1960 by The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago - but don't let this hold you back.  This is an INCREDIBLE read!  It is written in a casual manner using words that are easy to understand.  We read it as a family but if a child were to read it alone, they would need to be easily reading chapter books...this one has 23 chapters and is a total of 127 pages.  The type is pretty large too (12 or 14 pt?).

This book is about a small town church and a little boy named Toby.  The church is about to be taken over and changed into a sports club.  Toby is a child who lives in an orphanage.  Toby runs away to this small town and is found by two other boys.  Through a series of events, they figure out that Toby is the actual owner of the church - now they just need to figure out how to prove it!

During the story, Toby is witnessed to by his two friends that find him, and he becomes saved.  Additionally, the boys plot a way for Toby to be adopted by one of the local couples.  It is somewhat of a mystery story, along with drama and comedy.

In general, it is just a "feel good family book".  If you have the opportunity to read it, we highly suggest it.

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