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Friday, October 22, 2010

Keeping Our Children's Hearts

by Steven and Teri Maxwell
illustrated by

Religious/Secular Content : - Christian
Adult Content : - Yes, in the matter of this is a book for adults on parenting, but nothing a child couldn't read.
Mature Topics : - No
Strong/Inappropriate Language : - No
Magic/Witchcraft : - No
Disrespect/Rebellion : - No
Drug/Alcohol Use : - No
Violence/Abuse : - No
Educational Value : - ?
Positive/Negative Message : - Yes, very encouraging for parents.

This is one of my favorite books. I actually just re-bought it!
I just finished reading it again, and it is so encouraging.
If you are looking for encouragement in raising your children up in Godly manner, and you seek to shelter your children from worldly influences, you must read this book. 
I may be a little more picky than some, but I know that I have always felt a little like an outcast by not allowing my kids to do a lot of things that other kids get to do, and this book lets me know that there are others out there like me, and gives biblical references for this type of sheltering. 
It will encourage and strengthen your resolve to keep your children out of the 'world" and in the Word. 
I highly recommend it. I don't think you would regret reading this book.

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