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Monday, June 13, 2011

Hot X: Algebra Exposed

by Danica McKellar
illustrated by N/A

Religious/Secular Content : None-
Adult Content : Yes-
Mature Topics : Yes-
Strong/Inappropriate Language : Yes, minimal-
Magic/Witchcraft : No-
Disrespect/Rebellion : Yes-
Drug/Alcohol Use : Yes-
Violence/Abuse : Yes-
Educational Value : Yes-
Positive/Negative Message : Positive-

Hot X: Algebra Exposed is a middle/high school book about Algebra. It is written towards that age group and specifically for GIRLS. 
There is no distinguishable religious slant yet it does not talk against religious beliefs (it would be more secular than religious!).
The book is written for modern day girls aged 13+. There is reference to crushes on boys, obsessing over boys, dating, sex, drinking, partying and drugs. The focus on boys and liking them is prevalent throughout the book. 
Here is the lowdown on what might be of concern to some (myself included):

  • "kick-ass" -dedication page
  • "suck"- page xiv and throughout the book in reference to her other book by the title Math Doesn't Suck as well as slang for 'bad'.
  • "kick butt"- page 3
  • "tool" as it meaning "total loser"- page 10
  • Wishing a guy would like her who she had a crush on- page 15
  • Giving the impression that smarts gets the job, money and the life one dreams of (material pursuits)- page 20
  • Romance and sex are talked about- page 26
  • Drugs, partying- page 30
  • Boy crazy- page 39
  • Dating/boyfriends- throughout the book
  • Kissing- page 40
  • Crushes on boys is prevalent throughout the book
  • Bullying- page 72
  • Imagining the variable x is a kiss from 'some guy' (denotes it is alright to get kisses from various guys)- page 85
  • Breaking up with a boyfriend (at the age of 15)- page 140
  • Kissing- page 140
  • Domestic violence- page 146
  • Wishy-washy with emotions (I took it to denote that is it okay to like one moment and not another)- page 182
  • Martinis- page 239
  • "kick-ass"- page 263
  • Drinking wine (and while on the job)- page 272
  • Polygamy (gives the definition)- page 298
  • "heck"- page 286
Some good points:
  • Modest attire mentioned "your cute tankini and cover-up"- page 202
  • References to faith and God helping in ones life- page 222
  • Overall there is a message of being positive and confident in who you are and your abilities. 
  • Don't let math get the better of you- don't let the 'fear' run your life.
  • Don't let others control your actions and be true to yourself.
Because this isn't a review of this book as a math book I will leave it at what I have. But I do intend to read it more fully to see how it does stack up as a math book and will write a review on my blog soon.

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  1. Thank you very much for this information. I would not want to you this with my children.


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